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Hello!  My name is Pee Wee (a.k.a. Wonder Budgie, Crooked Toes).  I traveled across the United States with my human companions, to my new home in California.  I could talk... um, more like babble to the television.  I had the answering machine greeting memorized because I heard it so much.  When I would start my long soliloquy, my human companions thought I was presenting a scientific dissertation!  My favorite snacks were strawberries and Doritos.


...Pee Wee the Wonder Budgie.

She was a gentle and loving pet, who especially liked mens' deep voices.
Pee Wee's eyes began to dilate and she would become very attentive.

Pee Wee doing an impersonation of an eagle.

She would like to greet us by making big head-bob circles and screaming "HEY".

On Christmas day, Pee Wee tried on a straw hat.

Pee Wee learned how to get out of her cage, but she never wanted to leave!

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