CPC Cheongsam

Summer 2000

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Original creation.  Costume made from scratch, except for the slippers.  Red satin lined purple cheongsam with three frog closures and side slits to hip.  Pink trim along the entire edge of cheongsam.

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CPC Cheongsam at Otakon 2000.

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For AnimeExpo 2000, Kimberly and I decided to make some obnoxious costumes.  We wanted the costumes to be loud and colorful.  Plus, they would be of own design and not inspired from an anime series.  Since purple is a color rarely used in anime, we chose a rich purple for our costumes.  This would allow us to stand apart from the crowd and be identified from 100m.  Kimberly always wanted a cheongsam, so I decided to make one that would match my CPC Cheer Boy uniform.  She didn't want the cheongsam to look like the countless, off-the-rack ones we frequently see at conventions.  After seeing a few illustrations from "G-Taste", Kimberly insisted the cheongsam be slit to the hip on both sides... sexy.  We decided to use purple and red, because they are loud colors that look sharp together.  The cheongsam would be completely lined, so the panels would flash bright red when Kimberly moved.  Not to mention, a satin lining just feels good.  Something comfortable for Kimberly to wear in the halls.  By wearing different wigs and accessories, Kimberly can modify her look to suit her needs.

Our Cosplay panel at AnimeExpo 2000.
(Thanks to Kevin Lillard for this photo.)

A very comfortable and sexy costume.

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