Cyber Cone

Fall 1993

© 1993 David Ramsay

Original creation with piecemealed components.  Modified rubber "conehead" adorned with microchips, puffy paint and functional, blinking LEDs.  Tyvek suit.

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Haaaaaa cha-cha-cha!

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My Halloween costume.  Since I worked at the good guys!, the costume had to reflect my daily interaction with all forms of modern audio and video technology.  So "Cyber Cone" was created.  I was very busy working in Customer Service, so the costume needed to accommodate a warehouse environment.  After purchasing a Tyvek suit from Lab Safety, I modified a rubber "conehead" by wiring a series of LEDs to a timing board and mounting them from the inside.  Polyfill kept the cone stiff as I worked about.

Halloween 1993, Maggie cops a feel.

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