Cybernetic Fiend

Fall 1991

© 1991 David Ramsay

Original creation with piecemealed components.  Modified "Jason" mask with camera lens, reticule and phone wires mounted via PC-7.  The understructure of the chest armor is buckram, muslin and aluminum armature wire covered with squares of painted foamcore.  Shoulder armor was modified children's shoulder pads, hot glue and canvas.  Forearm armor made from rubber stair treads.  Grieves made from fiberglass casting tape.  Prop "shock prod" constructed of found objects, including a video camera "tube" and industrial capacitors.

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Halloween party at MICA.

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A class project that I wore for Halloween in 1991.  It started out as a mask-making exercise that turned into a whole costume.  I combined various parts that were lying about my apartment.  At the time, I was collecting old computer and machine parts.  My first experimentation with PC-7, a two-part epoxy, allowed me to have wires coming out of the mouth from all different directions.  Kimberly and I entered a Halloween contest at school and won the "Most Original" award.


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