Cyber Soldier

Summer 1989

© 1989 David Ramsay

Original creation with piecemealed components.  Recycled helicopter helmet, painted, with Letraset lenses attached to surface.  Respirator and stereo microphone mounted in helmet.  The understructure of the chest armor is buckram, muslin and aluminum armature wire covered with squares of painted foamcore.  Shoulder armor was modified children's shoulder pads, hot glue and canvas.  Cargo chute.

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Appearing at Balticon 23.

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A Hall costume worn at Balticon 1989, just to freak out the local mundanes.  A set of blue coveralls supports the vest.  Salvaged parts from a cargo chute create a "distressed-looking" cloak.  I don't know why I thought a Cyber Soldier wearing a black helicopter helmet and blue coveralls would need green netting for camouflage... but hey.  I liked the pilot's design from "Area-88", so I put it on my helmet.  Since the respirator did not need to be functional, I removed the filters and charcoal.  This allowed me breathe with greater ease while running through the halls.

Recycled helicopter helmet, painted, with Letraset lenses attached to surface.  The concept was a Cyber Soldier could have "eyes in the back of his head".  This being accomplished through wide angle and telephoto lenses mounted facing forward and backward.  Back in 1989, the smallest video cameras were a feather-light eight pounds.  However, my "cameras" fit in the palm of your hand.  Cameras "this small" were surely a future-tek idea.  Includes a stereo microphone mounted to the top of the helmet.  I rewired the speakers into the helmet's existing earphones.  This allowed me to have stereo perception in this restrictive and heavy helmet.

Cyber Soldier (variant).  Using chest and helmet from "Cyber Soldier", I added a new P.A.W. and hand-dyed fatigue pants.  P.A.W. made from found objects, including 6-foot aluminum tubing, cardboard and vinyl hose.  Not seen is the helium tank "ammo" backpack.  Pictured here during a comic book signing promotion at Dragon Comics with Spiderman.

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