Lone Worf

Spring 1992

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Original creation with piecemealed components.  Modified black Army trenchcoat, with strips of gray vinyl sewn to the surface.  Purchased hakama.  Hand-stitched leather Klingon skull cap with synthetic hair and eyebrows.

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Balticon 27 presentation, "Lone Worf and Club".

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This Klingon-spoof costume was designed for a presentation entitled, "Lone Worf and Club".  After chugging a carton of milk, my chest would inflate with CO2.  Then the MC (Marty Gear) read: "Milk, it does a Klingon BETTER.."  Okay, maybe not the best skit I ever conceived but people laughed.  At the time, I was more concerned about designing a realistic-looking Klingon head.  Since the majority of Klingon heads back then resembled chocolate-dipped rubber crabs, I made mine from leather.  Soaking the leather in boiling water and carefully shaping it.  The forehead ridges were hand-stitched into overlapping wrinkles.  I darkened the leather using vegetable dyes, in an attempt to make it flesh-colored.  Unfortunately, the leather was much lighter than my natural skin color and I didn't want to sweat under layers of make-up.  The judges didn't seem to mind, and were impressed with my leatherwork.

Prototyping the Klingon skull cap.

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