CPC Pageant Boy

Spring 2001

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Original creation.  The CPC Pageant Boy costume consists of a lined jacket with sequin ribbon trim & aiguillette, medals, custom satin sash & ribbon, dress pants with satin ribbon trim, hand dyed purple inspector gloves & socks and modified shoes.

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CPC Pageant Boy.

Braided cords, medals and sash... a distinguished gentleman!

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For AnimeExpo 2000, Kimberly and I decided to make some obnoxious costumes.  Our "purple band uniforms" created quite a stir, and people talked about them at length after the convention.  So, we decided to kick off the 2001 convention season with "happy shiny" costumes.  The kind of costumes that glow on their own, without the use of batteries.  After enjoying the satirical film "Drop Dead Gorgeous", we wanted to make pageant costumes for ourselves.  Kimberly wanted a crown and David wanted to wear lots of medals... Anyway, we chose yellow as the dominant color, with varying shades of purple to accent.  Yellow is a warm and positive color; we always strive to be positive despite adversity.  Invested in more trim and had custom sashes made to compliment our pageant ensemble.  Needless to say, we raised a few eyebrows again for our unique interpretation of shameless self-promotion.  We prefer not to limit our creativity to only recreating anime-inspired costumes, so we can comfortably fit in with everyone else.  Nope, the Ramsays like a challenge, especially one that involves loud colors and lots of trim.

Kimberly and David wearing costumes from their new doujinshi due out this Summer:
"Cosplay Closet's Happy Shiny Days of Joy".

A very nice picture of us (David is even smiling).

Thanks to George for this photo.

Our "Cosplay Tips and More" panel at Fanime 2001... and don't ask.

Thanks to Kevin Lillard for these photos.

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