Phase-Plasma Rifle... in the 80-Watt Range

January 1988

© 1988 David Ramsay

Original creation.  Prop rifle made from found objects, including 6-foot aluminum tubing, anodized stove pipe section, King's Dominion 32-ounce cup, clear PVC tubing, some wire and a toilet paper tube "flash suppresser".  Inspired by "The Terminator" film.  His was only 40 watts...  I designed my prop weapon to be as long as possible and still fit in the car (7'6").  Black trenchcoats and sunglasses indoors was the cool thing to do.  I added a white boutonniere for that "gentlemanly" style.  Unfortunately, at first hotel security thought it was a flame-thrower.

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Guarding the halls during Opening Ceremonies at EveCon 5.





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