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Garden Guardian

Steel sculpture.  "Hakama" made from hammered sheet steel; torso and arm from welded masonry nails; steel helmet with wooden hairbrush handle mane.


Gatchalope (a.k.a. G-Force-a-lope)

Plaster sculpture with deer antlers.

Armor and Jewelry

Hand-hammered steel, segmented chest armor with arc-welded dragon design.  Cast resin broaches.  

Jewelry, silver dome on chainmail.

Pumpkin Rage

Slush-cast ceramic sculpture.

Fudo Myo-O

The impressive and beautiful Fudo Myo-O sculpture.
At MICA, I met Mr. Haisashi Hashimoto, an artist from Japan, who was invited by MICA to build a 45-foot tall wooden Fudo Myo-0 on campus, as part of a cultural exchange program.  Over the next two years, students from the sculpture department helped him with the assembly and carving of this giant sculpture.

SD Briareos Doll

SD Briareos doll is a Japanese Animation recreation from Shirow Masamune's "Appleseed".  Face and line details in Deka fabric paint.  Separate pants and jacket.  Hands are made from ultra-suede.  Using a commercial stuffed animal pattern, I modified it to design Briareos.

Cyber Soldier (variant)

Using chest and helmet from "Cyber Soldier", I added a new P.A.W. and hand-dyed fatigue pants.  P.A.W. made from found objects, including 6-foot aluminum tubing, cardboard and vinyl hose.  Not seen is the helium tank "ammo" backpack.  Pictured here during a comic book signing promotion at Dragon Comics with Spiderman.


A wool jacket adorned with microchips and puffy paint.

Chip jacket and hat fashions with working LEDs.  Hat plugs into jacket and flashes in synch with other LEDs.

Roughneck Joe

Custom-made armor and uniform from Starship Troopers, to fit a 12-inch Classic Collection GI Joe© action figure.  Everything is patterned directly from actual film-used props.  For more images,
click here.

Misc. Events and Projects

Other unusual projects...  5-foot creature arms for Nightmarez Cafe and 10-foot purple elephant for Super Bowl Visa commercial (but never used... they went with a 4-foot FAO Schwartz teddy flown in from Germany.).  But hey, I still got paid, and a local business ended up with one helleva topiary!

My art show display at AnimeExpo 1999.

Great Saiyaman 2 protecting our booth.

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