Great Saiyaman 2
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Spring 1998

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Japanese Animation recreation from "DragonBall Z".  Uniform made entirely from scratch except for the soles of the shoes.  Forearms and grieves made from vinyl.  Recycled Air Force flight helmet shell painted and assembled with found objects.

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Great Saiyaman 2... strike a pose!

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After wearing the cumbersome Z-RAM costume, I decided to make lightweight and comfortable costumes for the next convention.  I have enjoyed collecting DragonBall World merchandise for many years, and Son Gohan is one of my favorite characters.  I had seen Great Saiyaman (Son Gohan’s secret identity) cosplayed quite often at US conventions, always with a white turban and sunglasses.  I even checked the internet for international cosplayers portraying Great Saiyaman.  Not once did I see a Great Saiyaman cosplayer from the TV episodes, wearing a helmet.  If I were to do a Great Saiyaman costume, this would be version I would do - a version that had not been done before.  The helmet turned out to be a challenge, and I could now understand why no one had attempted it before.  This only made me more determined than ever to pull it off.  Since Great Saiyaman has a crime fighting partner, Great Saiyaman 2, I designed costumes for both of us - utilizing visual elements from both the DBZ TV episodes and DBZ OAV #13.  We decided to call our skit, “The Hame-Kame Twins,” for a few reasons. Reason 1: Poking fun at “kame-hame-ha,” one of the trademark attacks by Son Gokou.  We inverted the term to “Hame-Kame” for fun.  Reason 2: Our costumes have basically the same parts and silhouette, resembling twins.  Reason 3: The skit was us moving together in a synchronized fashion to music, thus another reference to twins.  Reason 4: Far more interesting title than “Great Saiyaman and Great Saiyaman 2.”

"The Hame-Kame Twins" performance at AnimeExpo 1998.

Great Saiyaman 2 with Japanese cosplayers!

More Saiyaman antics at AnimeExpo 1998.

Partners in Crime Fighting!  At Comic-Con International 1998.

"The Hame-Kame Twins" performance at Comic-Con International 1998.

Striking their infamous "Five-Man" poses...
(Thanks to
Bryan K. Williams for this photo.)

Flying high above Satan City!  Look!  It's a bird...  it's a plane...

Great Saiyaman 2 and Didi, a Masquerade fan!

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