Mr. Squirtle
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Spring 1999

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Japanese Animation recreation from "Pokémon".  Costume made from scratch, except for the shoes.  The Mr. Squirtle costume consists of a teal long sleeve hooded, fingered and footed lycra unitard.  White fabric claws sewn to fingers.  Dark brown fabric shell and mustard yellow tummy with details.  Teal fabric curly tail with sequin accents along the swirl.  "Squirtle Gang" glasses made from black foam.

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Early Squirtle, without glasses or claws.

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For the launch of our new costuming business, Kimberly and I decided to make Pokémon-inspired costumes.  Anticipating that we would have multiple opportunities to wear these costumes, I wanted to make sure the costumes would look good after many events.  So we picked comfortable, low maintenance and wrinkle-resistant fabrics.  We wanted to design something different from the scantily clad, bathing suit Pika Girls from Japan.  Also, the costumes had to look comical and compliment one another, in silhouette as well as in color.  By early 1999, in the US, there were few Pikachu variations (other than bathing suit or leotard-based costumes) and even fewer, if any, Squirtle costumes.  Kimberly's costume would resemble a school uniform, with the addition of furry ears, arm & leg covers and a lightning-bolt tail.  Her character is named “Pika Sweet,” because Pikachu is a cute, fuzzy, roly-poly critter.  I needed a kawaii, Poké character for myself, so I chose to portray “Squirtle” (the Turtle).  I called myself “Mr. Squirtle,” since I am a grown man wearing a turtle suit (Mr. Squirtle being 6'1" and Squirtle being 1'8").  Simple enough.  Due to the fact I stood behind a table all day in the dealers' room, I was not concerned about my long legs showing.  BTW, I realize that many guys are hesitant about wearing a Squirtle or other Pokémon costumes.  It takes balls to walk around in teal tights and a puffy shell... yelling "Squirtle Squirtle" at complete strangers.  Anyway, Mr. Squirtle somehow attracts women... Well, women like to have their photo with me - I certainly don't mind.  ^=^;  Maybe I look utterly pathetic with my long blue legs and shell... BUT at least I did it.  Kimberly and I enjoy wearing these costumes and the response has been quite favorable, especially with children.  Having kids scream "SQUIRTLE!!!" or “PIKACHU!!!” from 100 yards away (when they see us), and believing that we REALLY are Pokémon makes us feel great.  We have been fortunate to exhibit our Pokémon costumes in multiple events, in and outside the typical anime convention scene.

The Cosplay Closet booth at AnimeExpo 1999.

Pika Sweet and Mr. Squirtle with celebrity cosplayers.
BR L/R: Pika Sweet, Nomi Armored (Sizuku Fuji), Mr. Squirtle
FR L/R: Barbie Tukino (Eternal Sailor Moon), Ryoko Vanja Kisaragi (Eiji) and Kaie Tada (Bacstual)

Mr. Squirtle at Comic-Con International 1999.

Pokémon loose in the park!

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