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Japanese Animation recreation from "Pokémon".  The Poliwhirl costume consists of a padded fleece enclosed body, arms and boot covers.  Poliwhirl's body is a latticework made out of paper products, tape and hot glue inside.  Body contains two fans and plenty of room for a water bottle or two.  Modified boxing gloves attached to wooden rods, then covered in purple fabric.  White fleece sewn to tummy.  Felt face details appliquéd.  The tummy swirl is a black sequin ribbon sewn to the surface.

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Poliwhirl, the big purple Mentos-Monster!

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Poliwhirl was created for the US-Japan Expo in Los Angeles.  It was a very difficult and labor-intensive costume to make, simply due to it's size and shape.  We had never seen a full-sized, perfectly round Poliwhirl costume attempted before.  Designing an enclosed, Mentos-shaped costume that allows the wearer to move and interact was a challenge.  The children at the US-Japan Expo, had the wonderful ability to suspend their disbelief.  Our Poliwhirl costume was enjoyed by the many visitors in the Children's PlayLand.  That next Spring, Poliwhirl appeared at the Horror / Kung-Fu Theatre's 7th Anniversary Special.  At AnimeExpo 2000, we decided to perform a Western spoof with Charmander and Poliwhirl.  We participated in the AX00 Masquerade as a noncompetitive, exhibition only entry and had fun providing an entertaining show for the audience.  "Showdown at the Poké Corral" was a silly opportunity to exhibit these large costumes.  "El Whirl" wore a blue cowboy hat, purple confetti-foil dot chaps with fringe and blue water drops, cross/draw kiddie pistols (for trick shooting) and Poké bandolier.  "Sheriff Char" was sportin' a yellow foam cowboy hat, moo-print bandanna, aluminum foil star and kiddie shotgun.

Poliwhirl with Charmander (in progress) seen at the US-Japan Expo 1999.

Poliwhirl and Mini-Whirl.

Armando Creeper interviews Poliwhirl and Mr. Squirtle at the Horror / Kung-Fu Theatre's 7th Anniversary Special.

Poliwhirl is just happy to be on the show.

Pokémon "El Whirl" and "Sheriff Char" duke it out at AnimeExpo 2000.
(Thanks to Kevin Lillard for this photo.)

Our performance at the AX00 Masquerade was a noncompetitive, exhibition only entry.

Western spoof with all tha trimmins'...

"Showdown at the Poké Corral" performance at AnimeExpo 2000.
(Thanks to Mike Tatsugawa for these photos.)

Poké Rustler!

Cowboy Pokés.

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