Silicon Samurai

Spring 1992

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Original creation.  Leather armor supported by styrene plates.  Chest plate adorned by assorted keys and microchips.  Parachute quick-releases at neck.  Shoulder guards encrusted with plastic cups and brass bullet shells.  Helmet is hand forged 16-gauge steel with laced neck guard.  Sashimono-backpack is an enclosed power car antenna, with an on/off switch at waist.  Face mask is appliquéd lycra.  A 14x4-foot banner with PVC stand completes the samurai's environment.

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A close-up of the near fished armor.

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At MICA, I met Mr. Haisashi Hashimoto, an artist from Japan, who was invited by MICA to build a 45-foot tall wooden Fudo Myo-0 on campus, as part of a cultural exchange program.  Over the next two years, students from the sculpture department helped him with the assembly and carving of this giant sculpture.  Hashimoto-san was kind to provide me with photos and sketches he made of actual samurai armor.  I used these references to make an "artsy" graduation costume (while others decorated their mortarboards, I hand forged a helmet).  Using microchips and keys to adorn the red leather hide, I strode proudly across the stage; accompanied by my "body guard".

Graduation day at MICA.

Silicon Samurai was escorted by "John Dorian" genome.
John Dorian's services were provided by The Ramsay Institute Cloning Facility.

We were some of the VERY few hall costumers at AnimeExpo 1993.

Genome-17 and Silicon Samurai at The Fashion Careers Symposium, 1993.

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