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Spring 1997

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Original creation inspired from Kita Amamiya's original illustrations.  Techno-organic twist on Bio-organic theme: microchip parasite invades host.  All found objects or collected supplies from past years: Corrugated side-split tubing, yarn, netting, vinyl, foam, cheesecloth, drapes & dingleballs and 2-gallons of Sobo.  Head is detachable, exposing spinal column and trachea.  Sixty-feet of intestines are coiled and stored in the chest cavity: Pepto-colored spandex, fiber-fill, dyed cheesecloth with hand made Mokona (Hikaru Shidou's pet) to be pulled out...

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Inspired from Kita Amamiya's original illustrations.

More Info...

I wanted to make a creature costume.  Kita Amamiya is one of my favorite “creature” artists.  His original illustrations are truly amazing works of art.  I considered making one of his creatures, Zeiram, in the fall of 1996.  My goal for completion would be AnimeExpo 1997.  This would be my “first dress” and allow me to work out any potential problems by the following convention, Comic-Con International.  Reason 1: Since my previous costumes had been clean and precise with “military” details, I wanted to do something “organic” and visually messy.  Zeiram was just the guy.  Reason 2: I wanted to give the costume an “edge”... something for the audience.  Something, that if only a few people caught it, would make it worth the trouble.  Reason 3: I cosplay to have fun, not to “win something.”  Believe it if you want to.  I actually enjoy performing for an audience.  If I get applause, a kudo afterwards in the hall or have my picture taken... that's just a bonus.

Terrorizing AnimeExpo 1997.

"Z-RAM Bytes the Dust" performance at The Extreme Gong Halloween 1998 Special.

Some professional pictures with our friend Leslie.

Stalking the halls at Otakon 2000.

Hikaru-chan with Z-RAM.

A Little Bit More...

Kimberly wanted to wear the infamous teal tights at Otakon 2000, and decided to create a new Squirtle Gang character - "Lee van Squirt".  Since we are both fans of Spaghetti Westerns, we wanted a distinctive cowboy look.  A real black Stetson, sparkly purple chaps, leather boots and plenty of attitude make Lee van Squirt one helleva turtle.  Lee van Squirt needed a badass accomplice, something big and mean to keep ornery critters in line.  So, we created "Z-RAM the Kid" to assist Lee van Squirt in such nefarious activities as Poké rustlin', gamblin', extortion and squirtin' in public among other things.  For this event, I distressed Z-RAM's cape further, by tearing at the surface fibers with a file and rasp.  Then, I used leather spray paints to darken and discolor the cape around these "aged" areas.  This made Z-RAM look as if he had been through more physical adventures.  Sadly, the Lee van Squirt costume was neither recognized nor well-received, because not many American fans seem to have difficulty accepting an original or unfamiliar Pokémon character.  Ironically, people did not seem to mind a Poké Ball bandolier and miniature cowboy hat atop Z-RAM.

Z-Ram the Kid (Z-RAM v.4.0) and Lee van Squirt raisin' Hell at Otakon.
Notice Z-RAM the Kid's Poké Ball bandolier and mini cowboy hat.

Howdy pardner!

Z-Ram the Kid's lil' pardner.

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