What is a Teddy?

The Teddy cavy has a short coat full of "kinked" hair shafts without ridges or rosettes.  Their dense hair is soft and curly, resembling a Teddy bear.  Our Teddies have nice roly-poly bodies, yet they move very fast.  The Teddy has a sweet disposition, and we love ours very much.

Aren't they just adorable?!
(Yuri is second on the left, and Kei is on the far right.
 Litter born January 13, 2002.)

Baby picture courtesy of Briar Patch Caviary.  Thank you Penny!


Kei and Yuri are picky eaters.  So far, they like the following fare:
Red Delicious Apple
Macintosh Apple
Empire Apple
Gala Apple
Pink Lady Apple
Dried Apple
Carrot Greens
Corn Husk
Belgian Endive
Dandelion Greens
Red Leaf Lettuce
Red Seedless Grapes
Sesame Melba Rounds


Kei and Yuri reside in the "3-story" Ferret house by Super Pet.
This allows 900 square inches of living space!

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