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David S. Ramsay

Professional Experience

 3/99-Current, theJ.A.S.P.E.R. Cosplay Closet, Long Beach, CA
Formed custom costume business
to provide high-quality, creative and unique personally designed costumes, inspired by anime, manga and game characters for individuals of all ages and body types, at affordable prices and with careful crafting.
A California Corporation: theJ.A.S.P.E.R. Cosplay Closet, Inc.

The Cosplay Closet booth at AnimeExpo 1999.

 6/96-8/98, Prop'er Effects & Studio Manufacturing, Culver City, CA

Starship Troopers (Sony/Tri-Star, 1997).  Assisted in the manufacture of "Mobile Infantry" armor and helmets.  On location at "Camp Curie" set and Sony "Bug Tunnels" to inventory, maintenance/repair and issue props to extras.
Double Team (Columbia Pictures, 1997).  Helped design and fabricate working "ball" parachute to be used for CGI effect.
Aliens Resurrection (20th Century Fox, 1997).  Miscellaneous set dressings.
Batman & Robin (Warner Bros., 1997).  Assisted in the manufacture of Mr. Freeze's henchmen's spiked skates.
The Postman (Warner Bors., 1997).  Assisted in the manufacture of post-apocalyptic mail.
Phantoms (Miramax Films, 1998).  Helped design and fabricate gorgets for biohazard suits.
Sleepwalkers (11/1/97, NBC, Saturdays @ 9pm.).  Designed and fabricated beveled interior cushions for sleep chambers.
VISA Commercial (1998).  Helped pattern and fabricate outer skin for 12-foot elephant to be used in a Super Bowl XXXII first quarter VISA commercial: "An Elephant and Me".  Click here for a pic.

 10/98-3/99, The Good Guys! Audio and Video Electronics,
 Huntington Beach, CA
Job Title: Video Sales: Commissioned sales of audio & video electronics.

 9/92-10/98, The Good Guys! Audio and Video Electronics,
 Emeryville, Berkeley, Redondo Beach, Huntington Beach, CA
Job Title: Customer Service Representative: Assisting the Floor Sales Team.

 9/92-2/93, Alanco Manufacturing
Job Title: Research and Development:  Development of voice interactive robotic toys.

 5/88-8/92, Maryland Institute, College of Art: Security Department
Job Title: Emergency Shift Supervisor:  Observed and maintained order on campus grounds.  Assisted people and answered phones. Provided "Rover" service and day Escort Van to students. Maintained "Incident Report" files on Macintosh computer for campus distribution.

 4/91-8/92, Desert Vision Studios
 4400 El Conquistador Pkwy., Suite 12, Bradenton, FL 34210
Job Title: Assistant Video Editor:  Assisted Robert R. Gerhart, Director, in location lighting and filming, pre-production and post-production editing.

 9/86-5/92, Maryland Institute, College of Art
Audio/ Visual Media Services Department.
Job Title: Projectionist:  Operation and maintenance of video cameras, players and recorders, plus film and slide projectors.  Filmed and edited "Ready -Set-Read", a children's educational video tape for Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke.

Here are a few of the awards you will find listed below.
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Achievements 1999
Resume:  1986~1996,  1997,  1998,  1999,  2000,  2001~Current

12/20/99 Anime Convention Personalities of the Week

Images.  Kevin Lillard's Anime Convention Personalities of the Week.  "David & Kimberly"

Kevin Lillard's Anime Convention Personalities of the Week

12/4/99 29th Annual Scottish Christmas Walk, Alexandria, VA

Exhibited our costumes: Pokémon "Pika Sweet & Charmander"

Scottish Christmas Walk Image Gallery

Fall '99 Quarterly Magazine Uchusen

Image.  Comic-Con International 1999 Report.  "Kikko-Man & Keiko Ramen"

Quarterly Magazine Uchusen, vol.90, page 75

11/27~28/99 US-Japan Expo in Los Angeles, CA

Exhibited our costumes: Pokémon "Poliwhirl & Charmander" and "Pika Sweet & Mr. Squirtle" in the Children's PlayLand area.

US-Japan Expo 20th Annual Program
US-Japan Expo Image Gallery

11/99 Comic-Con International '99, San Diego, CA

Image.  Update 3.  "Pika Sweet & Mr. Squirtle"

Comic-Con International, Update 3, page 31

10/29/99 Horror / Kung-Fu Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Appearance on the Horror Kung-Fu Theatre Halloween Special.  "Ramen Rumble"

Trophy: First Place Couple's Dance Contest, presented by "The Nightshadow."

HKFT Performance & Trophy

10/28/99 The Roseanne Show, Hollywood, CA

Appearance on the Haunted Halloween Show (aired on 10/29/99). "Z-RAM v.3.0 & Great Saiyaman 2"

Tied for First Place Scream Contest, presented by "Witchy" Roseanne.

TRS Image Gallery

10/99 Animage Magazine

Image.  AnimeExpo 1999 Report.  "Pika Sweet & Mr. Squirtle"

Animage vol.256, no.10, page 120

8/27/99 Mandarake U.S.A. Grand Opening, Torrance, CA

Exhibited our costumes: Pokémon "Pika Sweet & Mr. Squirtle" (10am-Noon) and Dragon Ball Z "The Hame-Kame Twins" (2-4pm).

Mandarake Image Gallery

8/99 Anime Web Turnpike: Last Exit Before Toll

Article.  "August 1999: Convention Pages" by Ryan Matthews

Last Exit Before Toll Article

EX: The Online World of Anime & Manga
(vol.4, issue 5)

Image.  AnimeExpo 1999 Report.  "Ramen Rumble"

8/14/99 Comic-Con International, San Diego, CA

For Costume Most Derivative of, or Likely to Inspire, a Troma Movie, presented by Troma. "Ramen Rumble"

Best Anime Costumes, presented by SyCo Distribution.

Masquerade Image Gallery

7/20/99 The Los Angeles Times
Article.  "Into the Night: Expo-sure to the Art of Animation," photographs by Alex Garcia.  "Pika Sweet & Mr. Squirtle"

LA Times Article

7/19/99 The Downtown Gazzette

Article.  "Business Beat" by Kurt Helin

Gazzette Article

Pixel Show

Images. AnimeExpo 1999 Live Broadcast.  "Ramen Rumble"

7/99 AnimeExpo, Anaheim, CA

Trophy: Best Food Fight.  "Ramen Rumble"
Judges Award, presented by Anime Pavilion.  "Ramen Rumble"

Masquerade Image Gallery

7/15/99 The Orange County Register

Interview.  "Anime obsessives love to live the roles of their cartoon heroes" by Leslie Gornstein.
Photographs by Michael Kitada.  "Pika Sweet & Mr. Squirtle and Z-RAM Bytes the Dust"

OCR Article

4/99 Horror / Kung-Fu Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Appearance on Sixth Anniversary Horror Kung-Fu Theatre Special.  "The Hame-Kame Twins"

1/99 Chibi-Pop Manga (Vol. 1, No. 4, page 65)

Otaku Fan Contest Award, presented by Chibi-Pop Manga.  "Hikaru-chan"

Chibi-Pop Manga vol.1, no.4, page 65
Chibi-Pop Article

Resume:  1986~1996,  1997,  1998,  1999,  2000,  2001~Current


 California State University: Long Beach
Personal Growth
Graduate Theatre Department
California Repertory Company
Master of Fine Arts program: Costume Design, Technical Emphasis, Theatre and Costume Shop experience, Teachers' assistant for Sewing 101 class, Tailoring.

 College of Alameda: California, East Bay
Personal Growth
Apparel Design and Merchandising
Certificate program: Flat Patterning, Industrial Pattern Making, Fashion Illustration.

 San Francisco State University
Personal Growth
Japanese Language

 Maryland Institute, College of Art
Bachelor of Fine Arts
Graduated May, 1992

Major: General Sculptural Studies
Areas of development: Wood (lathing, joining), Metal (jewelry, casting, lost-wax, ceramic shell, arc welding, MIG, TIG), Ceramics (wheel, kiln, glaze), Fibers (loom, off-loom, silk-screen, dying, paper, printing).

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